Specialized Reproductive Services at Lone Star Equine.

Mare Reproductive Management

At Lone Star Equine Sports Medicine, our dedicated team prioritizes comprehensive mare reproductive management to ensure the optimal health and fertility of your equine companions. From monitoring estrus cycles to providing expert prenatal care, our experienced veterinarians offer personalized attention to address every aspect of mare reproductive health.

Breeding Soundness Exams

Explore unparalleled expertise with Lone Star Equine's focus on breeding soundness exams. Our veterinarians employ cutting-edge diagnostic techniques, conducting thorough assessments of your mare's reproductive health. Early detection of potential issues allows us to tailor preventive measures and treatment plans, ultimately enhancing the chances of successful breeding outcomes for your cherished horses.

Artificial Insemination with Fresh, Cooled, and Frozen Semen

Delve into advanced reproductive technologies at Lone Star Equine, specializing in artificial insemination using fresh, cooled, and frozen semen. Our skilled veterinarians meticulously handle each procedure, customizing the insemination process to the unique needs of your mares. With a commitment to precision and care, we aim to optimize the success of artificial insemination, contributing to healthy pregnancies and the future well-being of your equine family.

Your equine companions deserve the best reproductive care, and at Lone Star Equine, we're committed to delivering just that. Contact us to schedule a consultation and discover how our expertise in mare reproductive management, breeding soundness exams, and artificial insemination can contribute to the well-being and future generations of your valued horses.

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