Comprehensive Equine Surgical Procedures at Lone Star Equine


Lone Star Equine Sports Medicine offers expert equine castration services, providing a safe and efficient environment for this routine surgical procedure. Our experienced veterinarians utilize advanced techniques to ensure minimal discomfort for your horse while maintaining a focus on postoperative care for a smooth recovery process.


Explore specialized Caslicks procedures at Lone Star Equine, where our skilled veterinarians address reproductive health with precision. Caslicks surgery is crucial for preventing infections in mares and ensuring their overall well-being. Trust our team to perform this procedure with expertise, contributing to the reproductive health of your valued equine companions.

Hernia Repair

At Lone Star Equine, we excel in equine hernia repair, utilizing state-of-the-art techniques to address abdominal wall defects. Our veterinarians prioritize the well-being of your horse, delivering comprehensive surgical solutions for hernias to promote a swift and successful recovery.

Soft Tissue Mass Removal

Benefit from Lone Star Equine's expertise in soft tissue mass removal, where our veterinarians employ meticulous surgical techniques. Whether dealing with tumors or growths, our team ensures precise and thorough removal, prioritizing the health and comfort of your horse throughout the process.

Standing Eye Enucleation

Discover advanced equine eye surgery at Lone Star Equine, including standing eye enucleation. Our veterinarians are skilled in performing this procedure with care and expertise, addressing ocular issues to enhance the quality of life for your horse.


Experience cutting-edge cryotherapy services at Lone Star Equine, offering a non-invasive approach to treat various equine conditions. Our veterinarians leverage the benefits of cryotherapy for targeted and effective treatment, promoting optimal healing while minimizing discomfort for your horse.

Your horse's well-being is our top priority at Lone Star Equine. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about our expertise in equine surgery, covering procedures such as castration, Caslicks, hernia repair, soft tissue mass removal, standing eye enucleation, and cryotherapy. Trust our skilled team for compassionate and comprehensive surgical care tailored to the unique needs of your equine companions.

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